Jersey Stash: San Diego Padres Armed Forces Day

The hat collecting hobby much like other hobbies can intertwine with other interests such as jersey collecting, memorabilia collecting, collecting New Era merchandise, and so on. Since baseball players wear a cap with a jersey, collecting jerseys to match caps is a secondary hobby for many cap collectors and baseball fans alike.

IMG_6488Forest “blotch” camouflage jersey
White ’99-era Padres wordmark

This is the San Diego Padres Armed Forces Day jersey worn by the team from 2000-2003. A precursor to the Sunday Alternates, the Padres wore this during Armed Forces Day (every 3rd Saturday in May) games at home.

This jersey is a replica version of the jersey worn on field by the Padres. Outside of the replica tagging, the front of the jersey lacks a number. The Padres had started implementing a front jersey number on their alternate jerseys by 1999. It’s not uncommon for replica jerseys to lack front number details; such a practice would have required an embroiderer to keep two stocks of numbers and most didn’t bother.

The most interesting thing about this particular jersey is that it’s apparently from a former grounds crew employee. While I have no way of vetting whether this was actually from a grounds crew member, it would be awfully odd for someone to randomly have this embroidered on their jersey. Also included on the back is an embroidered US flag patch at the top.

This is the cap most closely paired with this jersey. The actual cap was the same color and style but with the older 90’s-era interlocking SD. Such a cap has proven to be rare, as I’ve never seen one through my scouring of cap sites or eBay (where this jersey is from).



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  1. I have the “Gwynn” Mitchell and Ness version of this jersey where the flag is on one arm and a white SD is on the other. My only complaint on this particular jersey is that while I appreciate how heavy duty and durable it is, the material used is very stiff and non stretchable. Not the most comfortable jersey in the world to wear.


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