Capshot: San Diego Padres Tri-Logo 59Fifty

One of the fun things about scouring eBay for caps is that you never know what you’ll dig up (and for how cheap). This cap is another example of an eBay find I just had to grab on looks alone.

Navy crown
Sand brim, squatcho, New Era logo
Sand/white interlocking SD
Multicolored Padres logos

You can see the peculiarity in this cap right away: three fully-embroidered Padres logos take up residence on the brim. From left: the 70’s era Swinging Friar in white/navy/sand, the “shampoo” ’04-’15 logo, and the 90’s era Swinging Friar. All three logos are imposed on a sand-colored brim which lends me to believe this cap is a product of the late 2000’s. The away sand interlocking SD is utilized to tie everything together.

IMG_6281Here’s a closer look at all three logos embroidered on the brim.

IMG_6282Not only do these logos reside on the brim, but they’re also embroidered on the back! These versions are spaced-out and complete compared to the cramped quarters on the brim.

IMG_6283The underbrim is sand and the sweatband is black. The interior tags place this cap’s age at around the late 2000’s as previously mentioned.

Cap Availability Status: Rare

I found this particular cap on eBay for a low price probably because it’s such an oddball. I always recommend scouring eBay if you want to find those caps from the last decade and really peculiar caps such as this one.


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