Capshot: San Diego Fleet 59Fifty

In a pleasant surprise to fitted collectors (who also happen to be San Diego or football fans), the San Diego Fleet now have their own 59Fifty model available.

Football remains a sore subject for some San Diegans even 2 years post-Chargers exodus, but the newest Alliance of American Football franchise has found a home and a fan base hungry for football in San Diego proper. The Fleet have one of the better looking logos (or the best, IMHO) in the league and it makes for a great looking cap as seen below:

C53F68B2-8AD4-41B0-8871-14D9A36126CAGraphite crown and brim
White New Era logo
Gray, graphite and athletic gold Fleet logo

While this cap may appear gray to the layperson, I believe it better described as graphite or steel gray since “gray” caps are generally a lighter gray (ask @padresnohitter about that). The darker gray matches what the team wears on the field and is meant to represent the steel gray of the battleships that make San Diego their home harbor.

BA57089A-96CD-4A38-9859-87416BB4D3F3The logo looks superb in embroidery. If you look closely you can see a darker graphite stitching used on the port bow (boat left, right facing here) of the ship in order to mimic shadowing; a very nice touch that adds visual depth. The use of athletic gold here makes for a great visual pop.

61AE81B3-58BC-43DA-B862-7B979F126FD6At the rear of the cap is the San Diego Fleet wordmark.

96F94EF2-2385-4717-965B-FA15C1D2DC25The underbrim and sweatband are both black.

Cap Availability Status: Uncommon

There are two current versions of the Fleet cap; my example can be found at Billion Creation and has been selling very quickly. Another version was released about a week later via Hat Club but featured the AAF logo on the rear rather than the Fleet wordmark; this version sold out quickly.


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