Capshot365: San Diego Padres MLB Ticket Stub Moments 59Fifty

A very cool hat I featured on #365DaysOfPadres deserves its own article simply due to the fact that a few pictures on Twitter don’t show off the numerous details you have to see.

One of the better Lids exclusive releases this year, the MLB Ticket Stub Moments collection takes landmark moments from each franchise and issues a hat with a ticket stub patch commemorating the event. That’s not the only detail on these caps and our Padres example, so let’s dive in.

05DA55CF-6DDE-4F78-A281-5D64C7A903CBNavy crown and brim
Orange and aged gold interlocking SD
Orange squatcho
Aged gold New Era logo

The most noticeable detail outside of the oversized logo is the color of the S in the interlocking SD. The best color I can describe it as is aged gold or ivory; it doesn’t quite have the depth or sheen like gold does and definitely isn’t white. The color adds a vintage feel to the cap and matches up with the patch found…

A06095DB-1C93-4565-8DB8-521564F3B08EHere, on the wearer’s right.

Of course any Padres fan worth their salt recognizes the date on this patch. On August 6th, 1999, Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn entered the pantheon of legendary hitters by lining a single into right center field in Montréal, notching his 3,000th hit. This patch commemorates the event and matches the vintage gold used on the front logo and…

668FFAB1-6593-44B9-AA32-ACAB8984C4BBThe rear Batterman logo, also stitched in the same aged gold thread alongside Padres navy and orange. Note that this particular shade of navy used on the cap corresponds with the lighter navy used by the Padres in the end of the 90s.

6D5F8AA4-E78A-4D81-B640-C12F547F8213The underbrim is matching navy and the sweatband is black. I would be remiss not to point out the biggest detail found here, though…

39FDE359-6C3F-4E98-A249-323FE7D9D7EDNot featured in the promo pictures for the cap (which is a shame, really) is this awesome interior satin liner. The color of the liner also matches the aged gold found throughout the cap. Found in orange are the older interlocking SD logo, the 90s era Padres wordmark, and the MLB Batterman logo all in orange. I always enjoy interior cap details; though not obvious to the outside observer it gives the cap an upscale, custom feel. Such additions are definitely appreciated by collectors.

Cap Availability Status: Uncommon

Available through Lids, this cap is running low on sizing online though you should check out your local Lids if you’d like to add this to your stash.


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