Capshot: SD Hat Collectors x Billion Creation Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp “Jaxpos” 59Fifty

Another awesome custom creation from the lab here at SD Hat Collectors along with Billion Creation is this Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp cap in a very familiar colorway!

The brainchild of our own @padresnohitter, this design is based on a classic pinwheel design used by one of Major League Baseball’s former teams and ties it in with a modern minor league franchise to great results. Let’s dive in, shall we?

EFAAB9E0-398F-4CB1-A72C-1226817F02FCWhite, red, and navy crown
Navy brim and squatcho
White New Era logo
White, red, navy, and aqua Jumbo Shrimp logo

Yep! This colorway is based of the former Montreal Expos pinwheel-style colorway and by proxy the Jacksonville Expos colorway. The blue used on this cap (navy) is darker than the blue used by both the Expos (royal blue) but ties in better with the current colorway the Jumbo Shrimp uses and doesn’t take away from the overall motif.

6CFA4A18-C4D7-480C-B9B4-AF406BF8C079Take a look at the Jumbo Shrimp logo. Do you see the J and Florida shapes within? The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are the current AA franchise of the Miami Marlins. Former Padre Randy Ready serves as the manager for the team.

D01BC923-1B46-4C60-9C8A-9D419A982EDEHere’s a better look at the ubiquitous pinwheel design.

85CA76D6-A376-4D9A-A1A6-0A8E43FFB5B3Featured at the rear is the MiLB logo in matching colors.

38166ADC-213F-417A-97FA-B52ABBF52130Of course any retro look wouldn’t be complete without a kelly green underbrim, right? The sweatband is black.

FB73E1CA-58C7-42E8-92EB-A5CAF7695DDCHere’s how the Jumbo Shrimp cap looks compared to the former Jacksonville Expos. A great look, no?

13A49EE6-45AE-452A-9056-D118664DEF614DCBEB8C-E639-4E67-A9F1-94D39E8493E62BF4E283-C6F2-4AEA-9DF8-CA3212E30C68EC9E59B3-AAAA-4CA9-9881-FA556DE34E65Of course we’d be remiss not to feature these amazing shots of our design taken by the fine folks with the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp! These shots were captured at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville, home of the team!

Cap Availability Status: Common

If you’d like to support our custom creations and pick up a Jumbo Shrimp cap of your own, you can do so via our friends at Billion Creation! We as always appreciate your support in our cap endeavors and we’re looking forward to showing you all what’s next!




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