Capshot365: San Diego Padres Home Of The Brave 59Fifty

Patriotism in caps is nothing new nowadays. Since the inception of the Stars & Stripes caps in 2008 to commemorate 4th of July games, Old Glory has found its way onto caps in many different applications and designs. While some see such usage of the flag in headwear and clothing as purely a violation of the flag code, I personally think tasteful designs done well can really make for a good looking cap. Today’s example is one such look at a solid design with some nice touches.

3900A9F2-288E-4D3F-ABB8-7E2D07AA1BECBlue crown
Dark red brim and squatcho
Metallic gold New Era logo
Metallic gold interlocking SD inside worn home plate logo

This colorway is a looker just on combination alone: the royal blue crown pops against the complimentary colored dark red brim. While a plain red/blue look would have also sufficed, the use of a darker red subdues the overall presentation and gives the cap a better aged look when paired with the home plate patch.

9FB6200C-A655-48A6-A437-824F7A90F355Speaking of the logo, here’s a better look. Old Glory isn’t quite red, white, and blue; the leather patch lends a worn look that leans towards a classic Americana feel. The metallic gold-stitched SD pops well without looking garish.

68472373-F772-4D25-BD39-625D217C03DESometimes a small detail really makes a cap special, and I think this simple gold stitched line on the cap’s right is a nice touch.

3A84BFC8-943F-48CE-8FCE-DD7CAC1A0B87The MLB Batterman at the rear is done up in the same metallic gold stitching.

92C987B6-9D09-495E-B9DE-C6A6DC504A5CThe underbrim also eschews a lighter shade of green for a more tonally subtle dark green. The sweatband is black.

C1485E93-29EA-4FB1-8499-0E34A019091FFeatured within the cap is one of those details fit for a collector: the panel taping is gold.

Cap Availability Status: Common

This cap should still be widely available at your local Lids. For a tasteful American look, I highly recommend grabbing this cap if you haven’t already picked up this year’s Stars & Stripes model.


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