Capshot: El Paso Chihuahuas Copa de Diversión 59Fifty

The last but not least of our looks at the Copa de Diversión caps (we profiled San Antonio and Lake Elsinore previously) is the entry from the AAA El Paso franchise. The “Fun Cup” is an initiative across Minor League Baseball that celebrates Hispanic heritage by rebranding select teams with new names and colorways for special games throughout the season. The marks the 2nd season that a callout to the Hispanic community has occurred; a handful of teams last year participated in rebranding their teams to Spanish names or to something new. This cap is a fresh take on the vibrant “El Tricolor” colorway:

CC476E23-0D59-474E-850E-FBF5E9340D94Green crown
Red brim and squatcho
White New Era logo
White, red, and green El Paso Chihuahuas logo

The El Paso Chihuahuas did not need to rename themselves for this particular campaign; the Chihuahua is a ubiquitous dog in Latin culture and is a name of one of the 32 states that makes up Mexico. The Chihuahuas and the Lake Elsinore Storm utilized similar motifs in their cap and uniform design but only inversed the color usage: the Chihuahuas went with a red, green, and black uniform to pair with this cap while Lake Elsinore went with a white, red, and green uniform to pair with their cap.

1926F2B2-3BB8-43B9-B1D2-BDDEAEFE7F23Here’s a closer look at the Chihuahua on the front. Chico is his name.

1694832E-1500-4E64-AC3D-3AD536690506The rear of the cap is adorned with the MiLB logo in red, green, and white.

809BEBC9-A068-4FE7-B658-6E64F13927C7The underbrim and sweatband are standard on-field black.

Cap Availability Status: Common

This cap is still generally available at most hat retailers. As with the rest of the caps in this series I do recommend grabbing this sooner rather than later as it will only be worn for this season.


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