Capshot: Lake Elsinore Storm Copa de Diversión 59Fifty

Three San Diego Padres affiliates are taking part in the “Fun Cup” festivities this year across Minor League Baseball. Alongside AAA El Paso and AA San Antonio the High A (or Advanced A) Lake Elsinore Storm are also sporting a new look for select games throughout the MiLB season. The cap is a looker, pun intended:

AC1C5847-823A-44C4-98DE-71019349BFC6Black crown
Green brim and New Era logo
Red eyelets and squatcho
Green, red, and white Storm logo

The Storm logo is one of the most ubiquitous logos in all of Minor League Baseball and for good reason: the angry eyes are incredibly iconic and make for a great look on a cap. The inclusion of the traditional Mexican colors against a black crown allows the colors to pop.

7C67BCC2-DD6E-4266-9BB7-F3CAC67CD870Here’s a closer look at the eyes. My only nitpick about the rebrand in general is this: the Storm decided not to change their name to the Spanish equivalent (tormenta). The team claims this is due to the Storm name being more recognizable though I feel that is a bit of a letdown overall. La Tormenta de Lake Elsinore sounds pretty sweet, no?

EBC97DAB-2DE0-4D90-A2AA-E2507F48F211The rear MiLB logo is matching red, green, and white.

23009F10-DA61-4DD9-A2B0-8D65E08942BBBeing an on-field cap the underbrim and sweatband are black.

Cap Availability Status: Common

You can still find this cap at most cap retailers. Since this cap will probably only be worn this year, I suggest grabbing it sooner rather than later if you’d like to drop it into your rotation.



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