Capshot: Vancouver Canadians Pinwheel 59Fifty

An interesting pickup I couldn’t pass up just on looks alone, this Vancouver Canadians cap is done in a style similar to the Montreal Expos’ cap. While the Canadians never wore this style of cap (theirs featured a white front with red side and rear panels, blue brim) this look is distinctly north of the border thanks to the aforementioned Expos; the Canadians have also paid tribute to the ‘spos by sporting jerseys inspired by the round wordmark of the team¬†for Hall of Famer Tim Raines for a game. The team currently functions as the short season A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays and is the only minor league team in Canada.

The Canadians wordmark also bares another similarity to a Canadian staple: Molson Canadian beer. The team may have been owned by Molson hence the matching wordmark motifs.

The Canadians team depicted on this cap no longer exists; this team would move to Sacramento and become the River Cats. The current Vancouver Canadians franchise started in 2000. Former Padre Craig Lefferts was a pitching coach for the current Canadians franchise in the mid-2000s.

7EB54103-B73C-4C15-8A01-9557603FEA15White, red and blue crown
Blue squatcho and brim
Red and blue Canadians wordmark

The Vancouver Canadians used this particular wordmark from circa 1984-1999, where the Triple A World Series-winning club was sold and shipped to California prior to the 2000 season.

E1B67956-A026-4B41-888D-866DC4DBB49AHere’s a better look at the eye-catching alternating colors.

The rear of the cap is devoid of any logos.

D05D2C1D-5918-4DCE-A8E5-76101105161AThe underbrim is retro green; the sweatband is thankfully black.

Cap Availability Status: Uncommon

This cap sold as quickly as it was launched from Hat Club. While some sizes are still available, your next best bet is to hope for a restock.


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