Capshot: San Diego Padres Seersucker 59Fifty

Fashionably late as always is this strange entry into the Padres cap archive: a cap done up in seersucker-like material.

For the layperson, seersucker is a type of thin cotton cloth that is woven in such a way as to bunch up slightly, allowing any garment made with the fabric to float away from the skin and allow for circulation and heat dispersal. Popular in the South especially during spring and summer, you can still find seersucker suits and shirts in use as both a fashion and practical clothing staple.

618C306A-97C4-4A44-85CD-67963447AD03Navy/white seersucker crown and brim
Navy interlocking SD, eyelets, and New Era logo

The most common visual attribute of seersucker is the striped design most commonly done in blue and white. This cap mocks the seersucker look without the wrinkled appearance (which would look funny for a cap in the first place.)

Here’s a closer look at the striped material.

B5B4A6D5-F5D7-4C8F-B46E-AE27167D00DCThe rear of the cap features a full navy blue MLB Batterman logo. The striping of the seersucker design seems to converge much more harshly in the back than in the front. I imagine this was intentional; it doesn’t detract from the overall look.

01798ACE-01F1-4A7E-BAC3-EE827C03779FThe underbrim is matching seersucker; the sweatband black. Note the “blue box” New Era tags indicating the age of this cap at circa mid-2000s.

Cap Availability Status: Rare

This cap is an example of yet another eBay find and is the first such cap I’ve seen utilize a seersucker design. Finding one for your own collection will prove to be a practice in patience and daily checking of the wares on eBay.


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