Capshot: San Diego Padres Perfect Pastel 59Fifty

While not entirely common, colors you wouldn’t think to see on a baseball cap do appear on occasion and in different collections. This cap is one such release and features a pastel pink as the pop of color against a heather gray crown.

47AC4A16-D9B6-49C4-A6CD-15A75E4EC334Heather gray crown and squatcho
Pastel pink brim
Pastel pink interlocking SD with silver border
White New Era logo

This cap from the “perfect pastel” collection features a crown and interlocking SD done up in a powdery pink color. While not entirely easy to wear everyday, there are occasions where a pink cap can come in handy. This also isn’t the only pink cap I own; thanks to the advent of the Mother’s Day and breast cancer awareness caps, my count on caps with pink in them totals just below 10. The beauty of the pastel pink is that it isn’t garish in any way; the subtlety of the color matches well with heather gray.

57F72E53-11E0-43C8-B6A9-9407CEA5D77EOn the wearer’s right (cap left) you’ll find another detail: the National League logo done up in pink and white with a silver border. The softness of the pink color does lend to a loss of detail in the embroidery, however…

F3AE7148-F1EC-4630-B6F7-81B4546B1241The MLB Batterman logo is white and pastel pink.

1ACA25FB-3814-42E4-8ED5-DBA60C38B030Another interesting detail is the underbrim of the cap: the best way to describe the color is iridescent green/gray. The fabric is soft like silk and has a distinct sheen to it. Below is a shot with flash applied:

9654925D-145E-43C4-BC41-CC3BF95E9C74Flashy, isn’t it? The sweatband is standard black.

Cap Availability Status: Uncommon

Though still widely available via Lids, this cap is a clearance selection. Caps on clearance are a “once gone, they’re gone” deal. If you’re looking for a cap with a color difference on the slightly cheap, you could do worse than this one.


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