Capshot: San Diego Padres Ultimate Patch Collection 125th Anniversary 59Fifty

Another addition to the Ultimate Patch Collection is this really solid-looking collection based on the 125th anniversary of Major League Baseball. The 125th anniversary of MLB was celebrated during the fateful 1994 season that met a premature end thanks to a player’s strike.

There are a lot of “what ifs” that coincide with the ’94 season, most common among Padres fans is that legendary Tony Gwynn almost achieved a .400 batting average. Gwynn would come incredibly close by the season’s cutoff at .394. Another is the fate of the Montreal Expos: had the season gone on to its proper end would the 74-40 Expos have won a World Series and still exist today?

This series of caps celebrates both a landmark and lamentable year of baseball. I also have my own reservations regarding the series of which you’ll read below.

7C003DFE-C332-44B6-9352-C904AA827C1ANavy crown, brim, and squatcho
Navy interlocking SD with copper border stitching
Copper New Era logo

This Ultimate Patch Cap is a really nice look overall: the monotone navy/navy allows the copper metallic threading to pop off the cap.

0016552C-3DC8-42C9-A881-FE7BFFA72682Special to the Ultimate Patch Collection line is the added ring of text to the sizing sticker as shown here.

B9D9C553-3873-40C8-946D-597B246F10A7The wearer’s right (cap left) features the cap’s biggest detail: the 125th Anniversary patch. This patch is an exact replica (though not in size, of course) of the patch worn on all jersey sleeves that season.

0DC24C1A-81C7-466F-956F-84A210779D28The MLB Batterman is also done up in the striking metallic copper threading.

423253D0-5D4C-4FBD-B478-FDEC8FD1A2E4The underbrim is retro gray, the underbrim standard black.

Now for my criticisms of this particular collection:

  • Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great looking cap. The details all match up nicely and the cap is a looker for what it is: a fashion cap. The collection as a callback to the 125th anniversary in 1994, however, suffers from widespread anachronistic errors.
  • Pertaining to this cap specifically, the Padres wouldn’t wear this shade of blue until the late 90’s-early 00’s. In ’94 the Padres were wearing dark navy/white/orange.
  • I get it, Lids wanted to include every team so no one would be left out. The Rays and Diamondbacks wouldn’t exist until 4 years after the 125th anniversary, however. This is a strange anachronism.

  •  Marlins Error
    The Miami Marlins were still the Florida Marlins in 1994.
  • Nationals Error
    This is a bigger poke in the eye than the other errors: the Washington Nationals were technically the Montreal Expos at the time. Montreal would lose its baseball team at the end of the 2004 season.
  • There are myriad other errors in the collection as well, such as the Astros, Blue Jays, and Brewers utilizing much different logos than depicted on the cap.

I understand why the collection itself was conceived and made. It hearkens back to a landmark anniversary for MLB and makes for a nice looking cap when paired with the proper details. As a fashion cap without thought to the past, it works. Anyone worth their baseball salt knows that someone didn’t do their homework when these caps were conceived, though.

Cap Availability Status: Common

Lids should still have this cap available should you want to add it to your archive.



  1. I Agree! Is it really that hard to do some home work? With google things are a lot easier now than 26 years ago when I started collecting trying to find out the caps I need to complete my collection, and as an old school collector my attention to detail is to the T and I want full accuracy… Sometime I wonder because everything we do repeatedly is a habit, so therefore could it be the people designing these alsi never did homeworks when they were in school?

    Thanks for the very good read once again 🙂


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