Capshot: Fresno Grizzlies Three Amigos 59Fifty

One of the most interesting theme nights in Minor League baseball’s 2016 season was the Fresno Grizzlies’ celebration of the 30th anniversary of the cult classic film: Three Amigos. The Grizzlies went all-out with their uniforms and caps as you’ll soon see below in one of the more unique caps I’ve ever owned:

IMG_6274Black crown with white front panels
Red sash detail
White embroidery details and New Era logo
Black brim
Red, white, and black Fresno Grizzlies logo

This cap is certainly eye-catching and is a pretty solid take on the Three Amigos traditional Mexican mariachi costumes. It’s rare to find a cap with so much embroidery work.

IMG_6278It’s also rare to find a cap with added details to the crown such as the red sash. The amount of embroidery found on this cap is impressive.

IMG_6276The rear of the cap lacks the usual MiLB logo and is instead further embroidered with more flourishes.

IMG_6277The underbrim and sweatband are the usual black/black. When looking at the embroidery underneath it’s notable that the flourishes were added after the cap was stitched and constructed; the embroidery was done over the 59Fifty taping at the rear. Generally embroidery is done prior to the taping being stitched which results in a cleaner interior look. It’s immaterial to the outer look of the cap otherwise; just something a collector notices. However, embroidery done through the taping (or buckram) could also be indicative of a fake cap or one with embroidery done unscrupulously post-production. Make no mistake: this cap is legit.

Cap Availability Status: Uncommon

If you need a little Three Amigos in your collection, you may have some luck via Lids if you wear a smaller size.


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