Capshot: SD Hat Collectors x Billion Creation Navy/Brown 59Fifty

One of the more ambitious caps we have in the SD Hat Collectors x Billion Creation catalog was our first attempt to combine the Padres colors of the past and present: brown and navy. Our Salton Sea Birds team served first as a proof of concept run at what such a cap could look like and if brown would truly play nice with navy. Below you’ll see the result as a dream realized: a Padres cap in colors past and present.

IMG_5385Navy crown
Brown brim and squatcho
Silver, white and brown interlocking SD
Silver New Era logo

Here is the culmination of over a year’s work with the navy/brown colorway, and we think it was a success. The navy allows brown to play the role of accent color, which it rarely ever does. Pops of white and silver help to keep the overall look from being muddled. You may notice this cap is extremely similar to the Salton Sea Birds 2016 home cap, and that’s intentional. The navy of this cap is lighter and is meant to mimic the navy the Padres currently use.

IMG_5386Here’s a closer look at the interlocking SD. Two takeaways here; we’re not sure why the S overlays the D like it does. This is primarily a factory issue. The second is the color of the brown in the D is slightly darker than the brown on the brim. Thread matching gets to be challenging in cap design, but I still dig the overall look. Perhaps on a second run we’ll go with a plain white SD.

IMG_5387The MLB Batterman at the rear is done in silver thread and has the matching brown/navy color within.

IMG_5388For ease of wear we went with the standard black/black underbrim and sweatband.

Cap Availability Status: Common

If you’d like to own one of our SD Hat Collector-exclusive caps, there’s only one place that carries them: Billion Creation. Stop by their storefront in Chula Vista or online at

We’d like to extend our thanks as always to our partners at Billion Creation! Without them none of our cap ideas and designs would have come to life, and we are eternally grateful to them for taking a chance on three guys who love San Diego Padres caps.


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