Capshot: San Diego Padres x Billion Creation Starburst 59Fifty

Among the many different caps Chula Vista streetwear retailer Billion Creation carries (outside of our own SD Hat Collectors x Billion Creation collection, natch) are custom takes on San Diego Padres hats. For years BC has been a go-to for collectors of my ilk looking for something interesting and new to add to their repertoire. Billion Creation doesn’t disappoint in the exotic looks department; a lot of their initial custom releases featured unique materials and designs. This cap is an example of a unique pattern:

IMG_5421Gray crown
Maroon brim
Multicolored red/orange/yellow interlocking SD and squatcho
Red/orange New Era logo

This cap utilizes a unique striped red/orange/yellow material as the visual pop for the interior of the interlocking SD and squatcho. I’m otherwise a sucker for maroon. Of the non-Padres colors I particularly like maroon is very high on that list.

IMG_5422Here’s a closer look at the interior of the interlocking SD. The striping really provides a unique look to the logo and is one of those neat details you have to look closer at to enjoy.

IMG_5423The MLB Batterman logo is maroon and features the same striped interior pattern.

IMG_5424The real flourish of stripes occurs on the underbrim of the cap. You can’t get much more unique than this.

IMG_5425Another great detail of many Billion Creation caps is the inclusion of a New Era sticker-design buckram detail. Touches of additional detail such as these really take the cap up another level.

Cap Availability Status: Uncommon

Billion Creation was the only carrier of this particular design and it has since gone on clearance. Your best bet is paying their storefront a visit.



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