Capshot: Untraumatized x Tony Losoya Army Football Tank 59Fifty

One of the more ambitious Collector’s Customs to arrive this year is the first in a 3-cap set conceived by cap collector Kevin Wright (known as Untraumatized on Instagram) and designed by our own @tonylosoya. The set is a take on each of the 3 military schools that field a football team. First in the series is a take on the Army:

IMG_5390Black crown w/ forest camouflage side panels
Black brim, squatcho, and New Era logo
Camouflage/olive green tank logo

This cap makes camouflage a visual statement up front with the inclusion of traditional forest blotch camouflage as side panels. The football-shooting tank makes up much of the front panels for good reason:

IMG_5391Tony’s tank design turned out amazing and translated incredibly well in the embroidery. There are tons of minute details to get lost in here: the matching embroidered camouflage pattern, the emphatic blast behind the football, the white star emblazoned on the front of the tank…there’s lots to see here.

IMG_5392The rear of the cap features a military-inspired logo. Without too many spoilers, this seems to be a reoccurring motif in what will be the subsequent releases in the series.

IMG_5393The underbrim matches the camouflage side panels of the cap; the sweatband is black. In one of the more quirky things I’ve ever seen on a cap, the materials tag (that tag underneath the New Era brand tag on the sweatband) is one of the longest I’ve ever seen on a cap. These tags detail the make of each of the materials used on the cap (generally either wool or polyester otherwise). Because this cap makes use of many different materials New Era found it necessary to list every single fabric on the extra-long tag.

Cap Availability Status: Custom

This cap is one of many custom caps made available from individual cap collectors who petition to have their own designs come to life. As such, the available inventory of these are usually spoken for well before they’re released.



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