Capshot: Corpus Christi Hooks Dia De Los Muertos 59Fifty

One of the coolest on-field variants done by a Minor League Baseball team this year is this take on the Dia de los Muertos by Astros AA affiliate Corpus Christi Hooks. Celebrating the Mexican tradition of honoring the deceased and celebrating their life, Dia de los Muertos (literally, Day of the Dead) takes place between October 31st and November 2nd of each year. Altars are built to honor the deceased and families flock to the cemetery to clean headstones/tombs and spend time with those departed. This cap is a take on the sugar skull; a common sight during the memorial festivities.

Black crown and brim
Powder blue New Era logo
Multicolored sugar skull logo

Corpus Christi partnered up with design firm Brandiose to release these caps to great fanfare at the end of April. These particular caps were worn on Memorial Day weekend in lieu of the usual camouflage fare seen league-wide. Matching jerseys and other merchandise were also designed alongside the cap.

IMG_5434Here’s a closer look at the sugar skull detail. Many details can be found withing the design itself: baseball stitches, shrimp, waves of water, seagulls, and flowers make great-looking details. Adorning the forehead of the skull is the Hooks logo.

IMG_5435The MiLB logo in powder blue/black adorns the rear of the cap.

IMG_5436The standard black/black template finishes off this unique alternate cap.

Cap Availability Status: Uncommon

The only place to find your own Corpus Christi Hooks Dia de los Muertos cap is on the official Hooks online store. Expect to pay a premium in shipping should you choose to purchase this cap for your collection; most MiLB stores have higher shipping costs than standard retailers.


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  1. Judging from the size of the stitch holes on the brim, it’s a USA made cap. That can be good, and bad. Two of my eight caps are USA made, and had to send one back to Lids, due to a lumpy crown I could not fix.

    I did just ordered one of these, and hope upon hope, the crown is somewhat symmetrical, and not lumpy. Look forward to it, as this is by far the coolest MiLB hat, period.


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