Capshot: San Diego Padres ’93 Ultimate Patch 59Fifty

In a continuance of a previous post, this cap is the second of the pinstriped versions of the Ultimate Patch collection for the Padres. As far as pinstripes go, this version feels more apropos in relation to its logos, since the Padres were wearing pinstripes alongside this particular logo/patch set.

IMG_5003Pinstripe cream/navy crown
Navy brim, squatcho, eyelets, and New Era flag logo
Orange and navy ’91 era interlocking SD

The second of the pinstripe caps is just as good looking as the first! As far as eras go, Lids selected two good colorways to make into pinstripe caps. The 90s era colorway is a no-brainer for the pinstripe look; many fans equate the great 90s colorway to the pinstripe uniform.

IMG_5004The patch on this cap resides on the wearer’s right (cap left).

IMG_5005This patch is the 25th anniversary Padres logo. This appeared on a fashion cap a couple years ago, so it’s not too commonly used on a cap.

IMG_5006The MLB Batterman is white, navy and orange with an orange border.

IMG_5007I haven’t had a chance to wear this cap, so it still has all its stickers. The underbrim and sweatband of this cap are similar to the other pinstripe cap: green underbrim, black sweatband.

Cap Availability Status: Common

Just the same as the previous Ultimate Patch pinstripe cap, this cap should still be widely available at Lids.


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