Capshot: Hall Of Fame Size 7 5/8 59Fifty

I didn’t know about this cap’s existence until I joined Team Fitted. As one of those unique and interesting finds, I kept this cap on my radar of “must buys” until fellow SD Hat Collector @tonylosoya discovered one for sale on eBay. Needless to say, I seized the opportunity to add this to my archive.

IMG_4831Black crown
Green brim, squatcho and New Era flag
White 7 5/8 logo

Hall Of Fame is a streetwear/sportwear shop based out of Los Angeles. While their usual fare is strapback caps and fashion-based designs, they have released New Era Caps in various styles. One of the most popular is this version that displays the wearer’s size front and center. Each different “size” cap featured a different color along with its corresponding size: the 7 5/8s version has green details. 7 5/8s is considered a large/extra large: the only sizes larger are 7 3/4, the rarely seen 7 7/8 and size 8.

The rear of the cap features the Hall Of Fame logo.

IMG_4833The underbrim is matching green and the sweatband is the usual black.

Cap Availability Status: Grail

This cap was a one-off find thanks to Tony on eBay. Most collectors covet this hat in their collection. You’ll be very hard pressed to find one of your own to add to your own collection, though as this post proves these caps can be found once in a while for purchase.



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