Capshot: Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles “Ancient Logo” 59Fifty

Of the very few other sports I collect, soccer (or properly, futbol) is one of the harder sports to find when it comes to New Era caps. Simply put, soccer isn’t conducive to the baseball cap style though some teams do allow New Era the license to their designs for production. While many caps are of the 39Thirty (flexfit) and 9Fifty (snapback) varieties, there are true 59Fiftys to be found in certain spots. Billion Creation carries an impressive amount of Tijuana caps (they being in Chula Vista and just a short drive away from Mexico).

IMG_4240Black crown, brim and squatcho
Metallic red “ancient” Xoloitzcuintles logo and New Era flag

The Xoloitzquintles (cholo-its-kweent-les) or simply the Xolos are the resident Liga MX team in Tijuana. The mascot is a xolo, or traditional Mexican hairless dog. The team is currently doing well and is in the semifinals facing off against the Tigres, last season’s champion. This particular logo is not their primary logo; rather, this is an alternate logo inspired by ancient/native Mexican artwork. While the Xolo team colors are normally red/white/black, this metallic red thread choice really allows the logo to pop without appearing garish.
IMG_4241Here’s a closer look at the Xolo logo.


The rear of the cap is inscribed with Caliente (literally, hot); the team is owned by Grupo Caliente who operate the Agua Caliente racetrack nearby.


IMG_4243The underbrim and sweatband of the cap are the standard black color.

Cap Availability Status: Uncommon

As is with most soccer fitteds, this cap is not found commonly in most retailers. Outside of Tijuana itself your best bet to find this cap is to visit our friends at Billion Creation.


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