Capshot: 2011 San Diego Padres “Turn Back The Clock” 1936 PCL 59Fifty

Consider this a follow-up on the article from @padresnohitter which you can check out for yourself here: The Search For A 1936 Padres PCL Hat

I was finally fortunate enough to snag this version of the 1936 PCL Padres from a collector on Team Fitted. There are only a few differences between this 2011 cap and the one worn by the Padres on September 7th, 2016.

IMG_3877Black crown, brim and squatcho
No logo

As you can see, the 1936 PCL cap is rather…plain. The front of the cap is entirely devoid of logos. Because this cap is an on-field, the New Era logo is also absent. All on-field caps as of the 2017 season now feature the New Era flag.

IMG_3879The only logo to be found on the 2011 version of the PCL cap is the MLB Batterman logo on the back; the newer 2016 version omits this logo and is completely plain.

IMG_3881The underbrim and sweatband are the standard black. All the indications of this being an on-field cap can be found on the interior tags: you’ll see this cap is a CoolBase cap (a gimmick used by New Era only for on-fields) and is an Official On-Field cap of MLB. The size tag is also the older box-style tag.

Cap Availability Status: Grail

I’ve been hunting for this version of the PCL cap for years. Because this cap was released in 2011, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a version of your own. For all intents and purposes, however, you can always grab a blank New Era cap and de-stitch the flag.


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