Capshot: San Diego Padres Banner Patch 59Fifty

One of the more interesting pickups I’ve made recently is this Padres cap with an amalgamation of Padres logos. Many other teams received multiple versions of this cap; the Padres only have a black/white version as seen here.

IMG_3885Black crown, brim and squatcho
White ’85-era interlocking SD and NE Flag

A larger-than-normal interlocking SD makes up the front of this cap. I found it interesting that they would utilize the older interlocking SD rather than the newer serif’d version; you’ll see why shortly.

IMG_3887The banner patch on the wearer’s right features newer Padres logos: the current interlocking SD, the (now older) away San Diego script and the Padres 40th Anniversary logo. I’m not entirely sure why they keep recycling the 40th Anniversary design; perhaps only because it’s the most recent? You can also see my confusion as to why they went with the older SD in the front if the patch features newer logos.

IMG_3878The rear of the cap features the standard MLB Batterman logo.

IMG_3889The underbrim is gray, the sweatband is standard black.

Cap Availability Status: Common

You can still find this cap at your local Lids.


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