Capshot: Spring Training 59Fifty Collection by @Disneynorth

In the hat collecting scene a popular pastime for many a collector is to create their own custom 59Fifty caps. This particular set of caps is the brainchild of James Hummel, aka @disneynorth. James made a set of Spring Training caps that hearken back to the more creative time of MLB Spring Training caps. Nowadays ST caps are simply adored with a patch. Both caps pictured here are designs based on each Spring Training locale: Arizona and Florida.

IMG_3894Navy Diamond Era crown, brim and squatcho
Yellow and red NE Flag
Yellow eyelets

The first cap we’ll look at is the Arizona design. The navy provides a perfect backdrop to allow Arizonan colors such as various oranges and reds to provide pop. Each color save for green can also be found in Arizona’s state flag.

So what’s the difference between Diamond Era and normal poly? Diamond Era provides a lighter, more breathable cap. James went with this material to better emulate the current ST caps.

IMG_3896The logo is a cactus baseball bat. There’s also a small AZ embroidered into the sun. This shot provides a closer look at the Diamond Era material, which literally looks like small diamonds.

In another tie-in to Arizona, James has included the state flower of Arizona (and the state) as a logo on the back of the cap. Arizona’s state flower is the Saguaro cactus blossom; these large cacti make up much of the Arizonan landscape.

IMG_3900The underbrim matches the rest of the cap and is actually the first time I’ve seen an underbrim done in the Diamond Era material; generally the underbrim is standard poly in every DE cap I’ve ever seen. The sweatband is the usual black. My example here has the MLB merchandise tag on it, which is an odd occurrence for a collector’s custom.

The next cap is a Florida-inspired design:

IMG_3902Orange crown, brim and squatcho
Aqua and yellow NE Flag
Aqua eyelets

The Florida version of the ST collection is distinctly Florida: orange and aqua make for a bright and refreshing look. This cap is also done up in the Diamond Era material. I haven’t removed the sticker from this cap since I haven’t had an opportunity to wear it (yet).

IMG_3904The logo for the Florida version is a bat-palm tree. I particularly like the raised embroidery of the palm leaves.

IMG_3906Just the same as in the Arizona cap, the back of the cap features the state of Florida and its state flower: the orange blossom.

IMG_3908The underbrim of this cap is Diamond Era gray and is another first-time example of me seeing an underbrim in Diamond Era material. The black sweatband completes the cap.

Cap Availability Status: Custom

As is usually the case with custom caps, the first run is generally already sold to collectors as soon as the order goes in. You can reach out to @disneynorth on Instagram to petition him to make another run should you be interested in adding one or both of these unique caps to your collection.



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