Capshot: San Diego Padres 1998 World Series Brown/Orange 59Fifty

A popular theme for New Era caps is to produce multiple designs with a patch featuring a team’s appearance in the World Series. Even though the Padres have appeared in two World Series (1984 and 1998) you’ll only find 1998 versions (with the wrong patch, to boot). The following cap is such an example with a great looking colorway from Padres past:

IMG_3915Brown crown and New Era flag
Orange brim and squatcho
White/orange ’91 era interlocking SD

This cap takes the classic ’85 colorway and mixes it with the ’91 interlocking SD to great results. The orange brim really makes this cap pop. I don’t normally keep the stickers on my caps; I haven’t had the opportunity to wear this one yet.

IMG_3917On the wearer’s right is where you’ll find the World Series patch. This patch appears commonly on Padres caps though it wasn’t the patch worn on-field during the Series; that particular patch was a different design.

IMG_3919The MLB Batterman logo is done up in brown and orange with a brown border.

IMG_3921The underbrim and sweatband are classic colors: gray and white. While I do appreciate the time-correct colors, I don’t particularly care for white sweatbands; they’re too prone to sweat staining and yellowing.

Cap Availability Status: Rare

This cap used to be sold on MyFitteds, though they only have one or two sizes left as of this writing . The cap in my collection is an eBay find.


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