Capshot: San Diego Padres Mini 59Fifty

One of the most interesting pieces of my collection is a diminutive version of a standard 59Fifty On-Field. While not common, you may see team and New Era versions of these miniature caps around the internet. They’re definitely cool collectibles to add to any collection.

IMG_3441I may need to zoom in a bit…

IMG_3444That’s better. What you see here is a 59Fifty Padres cap….shrunk down. This particular cap is a size 4 1/4, which is almost 2 sizes smaller than a My First Fitted (size 6). The details are otherwise intact save for a few less brim stitches.

IMG_3445The MLB Batterman logo on the back is flat-stitched; modern on-fields had flat-stitched Battermen until the mid-2000s.

IMG_3446The underbrim and sweatband are the usual black. Notice all the other details are just the same as on a full-sized cap: authentic/size tags and the branded taping are all present. The brim sticker takes up way more real estate on the underbrim, though…

IMG_3447Here’s the mini cap compared to its full-sized counterpart.

Cap Availability Status: Rare

I’ve yet to find another mini version of a Padres cap. That being said, the time you should grab one for your own collection is when you see it.


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