Crazy 3 Panel All-Star Game Hat

The All-Star game was held in San Diego in 2016 and by all accounts, it was a crazy success.  Part of that success was Fanfest held during the All-Star game week at the Convention Center in Downtown San Diego.  I purchased tickets to attend on Saturday but started seeing photos of different merchandise on Twitter during the first day of the event.  One of those photos caught my attention since it was a unique hat.  The photo was posted by @yyscan.  Not knowing how much inventory they had, I sent her a DM on Twitter and ask if she’d be willing to grab me one while she was roaming around Fanfest and she said yes!  So a huge thank you is order for Denise (@yyscan).  I guess what they say about Canadians being the friendliest people around is true!


Like I said, this is a unique hat!  Which is the main reason I had to have it.  To be honest though, it’s one of the uglier hats that I own but I suppose that adds to it’s charm a bit.  The hat consists of 3 separate panels that display all 3 All-Star game logos (1978, 1992, 2016)


The front panel of the hat is occupied by what has been called the most boring All-Star game logo ever, the 2016 All-Star Game logo.  The left panel displays the 1978 All-Star Game logo.  The logo however is not a perfect representation of the 1978 All-Star Game logo. (See below for all 3 official logos).  The right and final panel displays the 1992 All-Star Game logo and is 100% spot on (something we found out from my last post isn’t always the case).

Each panel also represent the color scheme associated with the year.  The front panel being the current navy, the right being the orange used as a supplement to the 1992 color scheme, and the left panel is brown, which was used on the 1978 hats and in various ways with home and road jerseys.


The button or, squatchee, is a different shade of yellow . It appears to be similar to the mustard yellow used in the past and each panel is separated by yellow piping.

On the rear of the hat, the MLB batter man logo is brown on one side and yellow on the other. A nice touch considering the popularity of the brown and yellow. Something to note however, is that the batterman is not quite right.  You typically find more space between the brim of the batters helmet and the nose of the batter. Not a big deal but something to note.


This is not a hat that I wear.  Lets face it, it’s going to be difficult trying to finding a shirt to wear that matches this hat that appears to be in the middle of a color crisis.  Despite this, I still enjoy the hat and it’s a nice piece to have in the collection!


Till next time, happy hat hunting!


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