Capshot: Corpus Christi Hooks “Fauxback” Cap


This “Fauxback” hat for the Corpus Christi Hooks (A Double-A Affiliate Minor League Team for the Houston Astros) is one of the best looking hats that I’ve ever seen and currently own. When I saw its unveiling back in July of this year I knew I had to have it. There was one big problem at the time though… it was a Team Store exclusive which with me living in San Diego meant it would not be easy to get my hands on one myself. Thankfully a kind and generous buddy of mine, William Lybarger, who lives in the area had already planned on picking one up and offered to get one for me as well. So a little while later I finally had one in my possession and am forever grateful. Now onto the hat itself.

First lets take a closer look at that beautiful embroidered logo on the front:


That is such a great logo, clean and simple. Nothing beats embroidery no matter how much MLB likes to think so.

Next around back is the MiLB “Batterman” logo


Yep, lookin’ good so far right?

Now the standard New Era Flag logo on the right side (which will soon be on all On-Field  MLB hats as well)


That sure is a New Era Flag logo. Yep

And now finally the underside of the hat. Here you’ll see that they completed the retro look with the classic Kelly Green underbrim. Just like the good ol’ days.


Now that looks amazing. Everything about this hat is so clean. The color scheme is a great look with the light blue like the road jerseys of old, then the red and white. Yep, a great combination.

Well, there you have it. That’s the “Fauxback” Corpus Christi Hooks hat which I’m happy to share with you all and I thank you for checking it out!

Cap Availability Status: Common

Also, this hat was recently made available on their online Team Store so you don’t have to go all the way out there to get one of your own. Pretty cool, right? Thanks again to William Lybarger for picking this up for me.



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