Oh Padres…

The San Diego Padres released their 2017 jerseys today via Twitter.  Padre fans had been tipped off early by Dennis Lin of the UT that yellow would be removed from the colorway but leaked photos of a yellow and blue batting practice jersey casted some doubt on the removal of yellow.  Today we got our answer.

While we can definitely be excited about brown sticking around and “Way Back Wednesday” remaining in the rotation, it’s quite notable that the new home jersey has dropped the yellow and gone back to a simple navy and white colorway. Also new for 2017, the bow tie font has returned to the road jerseys.  Both also feature a new interlocking SD logo arm patch.


The Padres have opted to continue with the blue road alternate, and will be swapping the Navy digi camo and Marine Corp digi camo for home Sunday games. 

What does this all mean?  Well, the Padres now have the most boring home jersey in MLB.  It also means that Padres hat collectors have a lot of navy and white to look forward too…


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